Our menus are often changed as we give special consideration to the likes and
dislikes of individual residents.  All meals are home cooked, balanced, tasty, and
nutritious.  Substitutions are always available when residents prefer something
different from the meal being served.  Staff prepare and serve three meals a day;
lunch and dinner are served with home baked desserts. Most desserts are sugar free; otherwise sugar free alternatives are available.  Snacks are always available to residents.  We accommodate residents' medical needs with sugar free, salt free,
low-cholesterol, and  portion controlled meals.  

We follow physician ordered therapeutic diets that are within our ability to prepare. All of our meals are geared toward low salt, low cholesterol, high fiber content.
Our Services
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Changes in Conditions
Health Monitoring
Directory of Services
Sky Residential Services, Inc.

Each resident is interviewed to determine the interests and talents that he/she would like to pursue. An Individual Service Plan (ISP) is then developed to best meet the leisure interests of the resident. Residents who enjoy socialization have daily and evening program opportunities to participate, according to their interests. We develop new activities often, in response to changes of interest. We also conduct a mild exercise program, for those who are interested.

Occasionally, we have a singer or musician come in to entertain us, or the local Girl
Scout troop will come to do an activity. Arts and crafts, playing games and other
activities are also available.

We provide the opportunity to celebrate all holidays, both national and religious as
appropriate, in which residents may participate. Birthdays are always a big event and we celebrate them enthusiastically! We have monthly company wide social events where all of our residents from each house gets together.  "Field Trips" are also organized for the residents.  Past trips have been to the Domes, Wisconsin State Fair, museums, Milwaukee Zoo, or other place of interest. Family and friends are encouraged to join activities, parties and special events.

All Sky homes are state licensed.  As such, professional and criminal background
checks are performed on every Sky employee before hire and every 4 years
thereafter.  All caregivers are State certified in Universal Precaution, First Aid,
Medication Administration,and  Fire Safety.  They are further trained in dietary needs and proper food handling, resident personal cares, client rights, behavioral
challenges, the prevention of caregiver misconduct, skin care, diabetes, and other
relevant topics.

All caregivers receive a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education courses each
year and participate in a variety of in-services and seminars to remain up-to-date in
the field of resident care.


Volunteers are welcome at Sky homes.  They may assist with daily living skills,
serving/feeding meals, resident activities, reading to the residents, sharing a talent,
performing household/outdoor tasks, conducting social activities or simply providing companionship. Our residents enjoy children and pets and we encourage volunteers and off duty staff to visit with either.  

The residents' families and friends wishing to make a commitment of time and talent to enrich the lives of our residents are always welcome. We appreciate any
participation and willingness to help.

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Each bedroom is furnished with a bed, nightstand and dresser.  Residents are
welcome to bring their own furniture.  We encouraged each resident to personalize
their room with pictures and keepsakes. Linens are also provided and changed

Medications are managed specific to the resident's needs and only as authorized by the resident's physician. All additions, deletions or changes in dosage or treatment must also have physician's written approval. Our state certified and fully trained staff will administer medications and treatments. Medications are kept in a locked cabinet and made available to the resident per physicians ordered schedule. All medications come directly from the pharmacy, both prescription and over the counter, as we must know and understand potential signs and symptoms that warrant notifying the physician.
Changes in Condition

It is important to work together in maintaining resident's health and respond to
changes in health patterns. We ask that the resident, family, and friends report any health concerns and/or observances to staff immediately. Should we observe any changes in the overall health of a resident, we will contact the guardian and discuss a course of action. In an emergency, we will contact the resident's physician, alternate physician, or the most available emergency resource. Once an emergency has been handled, we will contact the guardian.
                        Health Monitoring

Each month, more if prescribed by physician, vital signs and obtained, assessed,
and documented to better understand a resident's normal range and detect any
significant changes

All transportation is the responsibility of the guardian. We will assist in
transportation arrangements when needed
Individualized Service

The level of assistance that a resident requires is determined and will be provided by the staff. Areas assessed are: assistance needed for transfer, dressing, bathing, daily grooming, eating and general activities. Staff presence is required for all showers, along with the level of assistance needed.